Environmental Education in Kentucky

Food Literacy Project Promotes Healthy Communities

Mission and Vision
The Food Literacy Project is a nonprofit education partner to a working farm. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of people to build relationships with healthy food, farming and the land. We envision a just and sustainable food system in which people foster a deep understanding of what connects us to each other and the natural world.

What We Do
Since 2006 we have provided farm-based education experiences for over 17,000 Louisville youth. Our Field-to-Fork Program invites students to become participants in a sustainable food system – by planting, harvesting, tasting, and cooking food on an eight-acre vegetable farm. The program includes Student Education (single and multiple visit experiences), Family Engagement, Professional Development, Community Engagement and Youth Development. Our programs are available to youth and adults of all ages and backgrounds; we target underserved youth and families with an increased risk of diet-related illness while serving public and private school students and faculty, community groups, and special needs groups.

Why We’re Here
In a time of great concern about the safety of our food sources, rising obesity and diabetes rates among youth, as well as the cultural disconnection between people, food and the earth, the Food Literacy Project’s unique Field-to-Fork Program promotes a healthier community, a healthier food system and increased respect for the land. Our programs bring about positive community change by empowering youth and families to lead healthier lives and connecting them to earth’s bounty through outdoor exploration and hands-on learning on a sustainable vegetable farm.

Contact us at info@foodliteracyproject.org to make a donation or get involved.





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